Exposed Skin Care Reviews: Does It Really Work?

by admin on July 19, 2013

Acne is a serious skin problem for many people. It does not only damage the skin but also injures one’s self esteem. If you have been suffering from unrelenting acne and have become so frustrated with the results then read further and find out if trying Exposed Skin Care is a smart decision. Here you will find nothing but the truth including good and bad facts about the product plus feedback from actual users. Special offer, discount coupon, and perks are also available below should you decide to try it.

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What Is Exposed Skin Care?

Exposed Skin Care is an acne treatment formulated and developed by skin care experts such as dermatologists, cosmetologists, naturopaths, and chemists. Together they have created a solution that does not use harsh medicines but ingredients that apparently bring back the natural and healthy balance that your skin is meant to have. It supposedly treats your existing acne and prevents future breakouts.

How Does It Work?

Unlike many acne treatments that offer limited methods of treating the problem, Exposed Skin Care is a system composed of several products that systematically fight acne and skin problems. While one method is typically easier and less time-consuming, the results can be limited and may not target the specific causes of your skin problem. Employing both scientific and natural additives, Exposed Skin Care’s synergistic system unclogs the pores, kills acne-causing bacteria, and restores the levels of sebum production to help in healing skin lesions and diminish irritation and redness.

The basic system is composed of day treatments that involve a facial cleanser, clearing tonic, acne treatment serum. Night treatment requires application of a clear pore serum.

  • Facial Cleanser. Main ingredients include sage extract, provitamin B5, and salicylic acid to gently detoxify and clean your skin.
  • Clearing Tonic. Composed of salicylic acid, green tea extract, passion flower, sage extract, and aloe vera known to restore the ph balance, exfoliate the skin, and protect cells from damage.
  • Acne Treatment Serum. With micronized BP, tea tree oil, and green tea extract, this acne treatment serum kills bacteria and prevents formation of new blemishes.
  • Clear Pore Serum. Consisting of green tea extract, licorice root, and salicylic acid, this clear pore serum eliminates blackheads and whiteheads. It also heals and rejuvenates the skin.


  • Great preventive treatment. Gets rid of existing acne and prevents future breakouts.
  • Gets rid of other skin imperfections. Reduces scars, removes blemishes, and evens skin tone
  • Retains skin’s moisture. Restores ph balance so your skin is not left dry and dull
  • Offers a double guarantee to customers. It promises to clear your skin in just 30 days and offers an unconditional full year money-back guarantee.


  • Slight irritation. While no adverse effects have been reported, you may experience slight skin irritation the first few days of using the product.
  • Not available in stores. You can only obtain it from the product’s official website and other online retailers.
  • Cost. Relatively expensive compared to many other treatments for acne.

Real User Reviews

The following are feedback from actual users taken from other Exposed Skin Care reviews. It is worth mentioning that the product is top rated on Amazon with plenty of positive reviews from verified purchasers. These comments essentially sum up the general opinion on the product.

This user said it works 100 times better than the other popular brand…

The only thing that worked for this user…

Does It Really Work?

With tons of positive reviews from actual users, it is evident that Exposed Skin Care actually works. Many people who have been suffering from acne are happy to share that this system has finally solved their problem after trying out virtually every acne solution in the market. Its facial wash in particular is among the best out there in the market. Check our article on the best acne face wash for your reference.

The Best Place To Buy It

To give this system a try, your best bet would be to go directly to the product’s official website. Not only is it the safest and most reliable source but it also has the best available deal.

For a limited time, the site offers 40% to 53% discount depending on the package of your choice. You can also take advantage of the following coupons:

Official Site Coupons

  • Use code save5on1 to save $5 on any single item.
  • Use code save20on3 to save $20 for any 3 items you purchase
  • Use code 10acne5off  to save 5% on any kits you purchase

To apply the discount, enter the coupon code under the country selection for shipping quote found on the shopping cart summary.

Double Guarantee

What’s more, the site offers a double guarantee allowing you to experience acne free skin within 30 days or your money back. The 1-year money back guarantee allows you a full refund minus shipping costs up to one year later. Once your skin has cleared using the treatment, you can also have a chance to enjoy a full one year free supply of Exposed Skin Care Kit if you send the company your before and after photos.

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