Best Acne Face Wash: Comparison Of The Best

by admin on May 22, 2013

Have you been trying one acne face wash to another without getting the result you have always wanted? Before you rush to buy another one, read our list of the 5 best acne face wash products based on efficiency, price, and most positive user feedback.

Basis Cleaner Clean Face Wash

Basis Cleaner Clean Face Wash is a 100% oil-free and soap-free gel. It contains gentle botanicals that dissolve make-up, dirt, and pollution. Ingredients include but are not limited to refreshing mint, chamomile, lemongrass, and aloe vera which are known to effectively clean skin and leave it totally refreshed and glowing. This face wash is ideal for normal to oily skin.

Users love its ability to treat acne, blackheads, whiteheads, and other blemishes even without salicylic acid. Given a couple of weeks, users said that you will get clearer and brighter skin. People are saying that it is strong enough to eliminate even body acne but gentle enough to retain your skin’s moisture. Others are saying that it can actually dry skin but based on most reviews, that effect only happens when you use too much of it every time you wash your face. You only need just a small amount of Basis Cleaner Clean Face Wash to thoroughly clean your face and achieve good results.

Amazon sells Basis Face Wash (6 oz) for $14.41.

Pre-Peel Salicylic Deep Gel Exfoliating Cleanser

Fourth on our list is particularly formulated for the treatment of acne. It also treats whiteheads, blackheads, wrinkles, sun-damaged skin, loss of elasticity, oily skin, enlarged pores, and uneven skin tone among others. Key ingredients include salicylic acid which is frequently used in many acne treatments, tea tree oil – an actebacterial essential oil and a natural alternative to benzoyl peroxide, and green tree extract, another antibacterial and antioxidant that reduces inflammation and fights free radicals.

Users are saying that it is a great addition to peel treatments leaving your skin clean and clear without drying. Many individuals who once had acne problems are professing that this cleanser delivers quick results – that a pimple-stricken face can finally be free of acne in just a matter of days.

Pre-Peel Salicylic Deep Gel Exfoliating Cleanser (4 oz) is sold for $24.95 in Amazon.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser

This face wash from Philosophy is fragrance-free and formulated with natural oil extracts that removes acne and other skin impurities, and conditions the skin. It is a pH-balanced formula known to dissolve dirt and makeup while deep cleaning the pores. Key ingredients include infusions of chamomile, sage, and carrot.

Philosophy Purity is known to soothe even the most dry and sensitive skin types and because of that a lot of users favor this cleanser. People are saying that when incorporated into your skin care regimen, this cleanser will keep your face acne and/or blemish free.

Amazon sells Philosophy Purity (16 oz) for $33.

Proactive Solution Deep Cleansing Wash

One of the popular names when it comes to acne treatment is Proactive. Its deep cleansing face wash contains 2% salicylic acid and soothing botanicals that fight acne-causing bacteria and calm the skin as it exfoliates. Proactive is known as an effective treatment for both teenage and adult acne and it works for all skin types.

Many users love its cooling and soothing effect, plus the positive results they get from regular use of the product. Although there are individuals saying that the cleanser dries out the skin, many are saying that it is worth it considering the fact that it clears acne away in the first place. Another drawback that people find is the cost as the price is relatively more expensive compared to similar products.

Amazon’s price for 16 oz Proactive Solution Deep Cleansing Wash is $25.

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